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The Orlando area has been changed from a small agricultural area 30 years ago by the creation of Walt Disney World, South West Orlando.

Orlando is commonly spoken of in the same breath as Florida. This is, for some visitors, the only holiday destination and has up to 100,000 thousand hotel rooms & apartments, 1000's of eateries and around 70 thousand attractions. As you probably already know this is mainly down to Walt Disney World Resort; this is so far the biggest and probably the greatest amusement resort on the earth! Holiday suppliers can help you find all that you need and more for a family visit to Orlando. There is also a massive choice of attractions, including water parks such as Blizzard Beach with its 'snowy' mountain slides, and theme parks.

Watch wrestling alligators in Kissimmee's Gatorland, sky rides, and that's just for starters. As well as having its own many attractions the resorts, Kissimmee, International Drive, Lake Buena Vista are on the road which leads you into Walt Disney World. Where you find the brilliant world of cartoon characters, theme parks, thrilling rides such as Summit Plummet the fastest water slide in the world, amazing scenery such as Disney's River Country, and the daredevil adventures which have intrigued millions ever since it was built. It is not possible to avoid the effect it has had on the surrounding area, the State of Florida and the world! There is literally something for everyone.

Orlando Florida Attractions

Apart from the top resort, Walt Disney World which is for most people, there is also the well known Sea World Orlando, which is a show based park which has other attractions too such as The Sham Adventure which is half an hour of party tricks performed by an breath taking killer whale. At the end of the day Shamu Rocks America combines fireworks and bug splashes from Shamu, Overall a great day out for all the family.

Next to Sea World Orlando are Discovery Cove and the Dolphin Swim. Book ahead because this is a specialty attraction. It is a breath taking cove with beaches and a bird aviary. The foremost reason people visit this attraction is to swim with the dolphins. There is also a free delicious gourmet lunch.

Blizzard Beach by Disney on Buena Vista Drive has the fastest ski jump slide in the world. This breath taking resort is full of slides and chutes you will want to try, and you will feel amazing after you've zipped down them slides.

Believe It or Not Museum by Ripley on International Drive is in a wonky building. Also see Wonderworks, an upside down house. There is also The Haunted House and The Skull Kingdom, which is a haunted mansion built to look like a castle with a skull peering out from the front.

On to Kissimmee, Gatorland on the Orange Blossom Trail Near Kissimmee has some pretty fun entertaining shows. What about the Gator Jumoparoo or Gator Wrestling? There is also Florida Snakes on view but only if you feel up to seeing them so don't worry!

Universal Orlando is probably the closest rival to Disney's MGM, for a good reason. It has great tours which are a far cry from walking round a back lot at the MGM. You are shown studios where familiar TV programmes and series are made as well as new feature films, as well as breath taking special effects equipment and how it works.

Also on the site of The Universal Theme Park is the Islands of Adventure Theme Park which has mind blowing roller coaster rides, considered by many to be superior to that of Disney.

Walt Disney World is the main reason for everyone visiting Orlando, with all its theme parks, attractions and events. There is also Disney's World of Sports two miles East of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Catch a boat to Disney's own castaway island Castaway Cay. Separate entertainment areas are provided for children, to give the parents a well deserved break after a busy day of walking around theme parks.by Ocean Florida  in Travel    (submitted 2009-03-17)If you are planning on visiting Orlando Florida, visit Ocean Florida for cheap florida holidays.

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Orlando Activities - Traveler favorites, bundled for you by EasyClickTravel.com

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