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                           Great Cruise Destinations - Mexico Revealed 

Great Cruise Destinations - Mexico Revealed   by Caterina Christakos in Travel / Cruises    (submitted 2009-12-28)

Situated where it is, with a southern border to the US, Mexico is an extremely convenient destination for a cruise ship holiday, as well as one of the most varied and exciting countries that you can visit. A cultural hotbed that is recognised worldwide as one of the most unique countries, it attracts tourists not only from the USA but from further afield, too. Of course, its location is helpful in this respect. For the American traveller, Mexico and Canada are the two most immediate neighbours, and a perfect way to experience a totally different culture without needing to do too much travelling. If you believe that half the fun of a holiday is in getting there, then possibly Mexico is outside of what you would prefer. But if you think that all the fun is in being there, then Mexico has a huge range of locations and attractions that will make the holiday perfect for your purposes.

The Mexican Riviera is one of the most popular destinations for cruises for a US based customer. Taking in locations such as Mazatln, Puerto Vallarta and the peerless, famous beach paradise that is Acapulco, a Mexican Riviera cruise is an option that the US customer will find it hard to resist. The delights of these areas are broadly trumpeted in cultural circles, with Acapulco itself having been referenced in popular song by the Four Tops and Sammy Cahn (whose "Come Fly With Me" namechecks the city and has been sung by no less an artist than the Chairman of the Board himself, Frank Sinatra).

The obvious Riviera-based locations aside, though, there are plenty of other spots in Mexico that can be experienced by someone on a cruise vacation. The simple number of cruise companies sailing to this part of the world means you can go again and again and see something different every time. If you enjoy a beach holiday, then cruises will take you not just to the Riviera but also to Cancun among other places. Cancun, of course, is a holiday destination for people from all over the world, and once you visit you will know why.

Mexico is more than amply served by the major cruise lines. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines offer fantastic trips to the coastal regions with sailings from anywhere that you wish to travel from. Most popular departure points include the harbors of LA, Jacksonville and Galveston, all of which are a short hop from one part of Mexico or another. The Internet is crawling with travel agents who will be only too happy to offer you a broad range of itineraries to suit your time, your budget and your tastes. Equally, you may wish to set your own itinerary, and this is also more than possible. Doing this can save you lots of money while not necessarily missing out on any of the experiences that may have attracted you to the idea of travelling to Mexico in the first place.

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